1. 14% cut of Profit for Doing Nothing

After having my first Pop-up event, I realized that it was my wonderful family, friends, collaborators, and followers that were the ones spreading the word about Closet Chemistry. So why would I give Kickstarter 14% of my profits for doing absolutely nothing to help with the marketing? I would much rather put that money toward developing sewing workshops, online courses or charitable donations.

2. Unflattering Website Design

The more I designed the campaign, the more I realized that backers would have to rely on tiny pictures and a two minute video to see my products. I wanted to give customers a better look at my clothes by providing more detailed pictures and a product page for all the details you need to make an informed decision. Besides, if I can take the time to make clothes by hand, I can take the time to give you a full website with real product photos.

3. It's a logistical nightmare for serious backers

I was all set to use Kickstarter, but with the all or nothing funding, I realized how much of a nightmare this would be for backers that wanted to buy Closet Chemistry products regardless of whether or not the campaign was fully funded. No one wants to have to go through hoops to support someone and that's no way to treat a customer. If you pre-order, you will never have to worry about whether or not you will get your product. Also, if you want multiple items, you can let the cart take care of that instead of breaking out the calculator.

4. Slows down production

Having limited edition clothing means that I need to keep a close watch on my inventory which isn't possible with Kickstarter because I wouldn't get any information from the backers until my campaign was funded. However, using my own site gives me the ability to see pre-orders in real time, have a set inventory and sew before and during the pre-order period. That means customers can receive their products sooner.

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