About the Founder

About the Owner/Designer

Whether working with local artists or designing on her own, Tia is the heart and soul of Closet Chemistry.  She thrives on the idea that everyone can have a closet filled with well made items that they love instead of over consuming trends, made up fashion seasons or homogeneous sustainable designs.  

Closet Chemistry was born out of Tia’s inability to find sustainable clothing that was vibrant, colorful and form flattering and her frustration with the amount of textile waste generated by the fast fashion industry.  She wanted to show that sustainable doesn't have to be black, white and grays, look boxy or be void of personality.  With this in mind, Tia’s designs are based on color, quality and enhanced functionality so they can be seasonless.  To keep her designs unique and vibrant, Tia sources vintage, deadstock and sustainable fabric for her main collections and teams up with artists to create fabric for mini collections.

Tia hopes to eventually expand to provide workshops and education, a brick and mortar tailoring studio, and the addition of a men’s line that is equally as vibrant. 

Ethical Production

Closet Chemistry creates 100% of our garments in the USA from sustainable, vintage or deadstock fabric and are handmade by Tia.  Personally working with amazing contractors in Illinois and Michigan that are paid an ethical and fair wage. By producing locally and selling limited pieces, Closet Chemistry is able to reduce our impact on the environment while creating more jobs in Chicago and delivering unique items to your closet.  To promote the reduction of textile waste, Closet Chemistry offers mail-in repair services.  Fabric scraps are recycled at the Chicago Textile Recycling Center or donated to crafting groups.

To learn more about textile use and quality, please visit the product page of the item you are interested in (all product pages have care instructions, size and textile information on the respective page).